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Definitive Technology (DEF-DNSUB10) 10

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The Definitive Technology Descend DN10 is a compact, digitally optimized subwoofer designed for movies and music. It is outfitted with dual 10” Bass Radiators that are pressure coupled to the 10” driver and 500W peak Class D amplification that deliver powerful bass with amazing speed, musicality, and control even at 28Hz. Featuring the unique 3XR Architecture with three times the bass-producing surface area of traditional subwoofers, the DN10 performs like a 12” sub and delivers louder and clearer lows without any unwanted port noise distortion.


A Powerful Subwoofer

More efficient than previous DT subs and a perfect addition to your home theater, the Definitive Technology Descend DN10 features the new 3XR Architecture, a 10" driver, and (2) pressure-coupled 10" Ultra Low Bass Radiators for an amazing audio experience even at 28Hz

More Bass from the Same Space

Featuring the new 3XR Architecture with three times the bass-producing radiating surface area of a traditional ported subwoofer, the DN10 performs like a 12” sub in a 10” cabinet. The 3XR does not have ports, thus resulting in crystal-clear lows with no port noise

Bigger, Dynamic Audio for Movies & Music

Equipped with an advanced digitally-tuned 500W peak Class D Amplifier that uses optimal power and reduces digital noise, this subwoofer delivers detailed audio and superior musicality with a deep, transcending bass

Modern, Minimalistic Design

Featuring a non-resonant, beautifully designed, and acoustically transparent cabinet, the Descend DN10 adds a dash of sophistication to your home decor. It blends perfectly, looks great, and sounds even better

Versatile Connection Options

Easily connect your home entertainment setup with this subwoofer via LFE (unfiltered/low pass disabled) or stereo line-level RCA inputs (cables not included). The DN10 is perfect for most home theater setups

Built-In Controls

For convenient operations, the back panel features controls for variable volume, low pass filter, phase toggle (0/180°) for optimum bass, power toggle (Auto On/Off or DC Control) for fast power switching - all controls you need for smooth functioning

Add an Additional Sub for Thunderous Sound

By adding another same-model subwoofer, amplify every crunch, explosion, and roar, and feel at the center of the action. The result will be dramatically improved realism, smoother peaks, and an even bass response across the room.



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