About QualGear

Ever since its conception, QualGear has been raised on four tenets by which we strive to achieve and maintain, Quality, Safety, Value, and Customer Satisfaction. We differentiate ourselves from the crowd by emphasizing these tenets and exceeding expectations with them.

Quality: We are committed to manufacturing excellence and achieving the highest level of quality for all of our products. All products are engineered for perfection and designed with cutting-edge technology to create the ideal product for our customers.

Safety: Every product is tested extensively up to 4 times its weight capacity and are also UL Listed by United Laboratories to guarantee a product that is safe to use.

Value: The balance between affordability and excellent quality is what makes QualGear products stand out in a crowd. Our mission is to provide high quality, high value products to any of our valued customers.

Customer Satisfaction: Combined with our world class customer service, every mount comes with a wall template and numerous other tools to help make the installation process a breeze for our customers. This easy, stress-free installation is what makes so many customers satisfied with our products.

The QualGear Difference

Not only do we reach community standards, we exceed beyond them by paying attention to customer input and creating the product people actually want. We pride ourselves on being a global market leader in Audio/Video Accessories with markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our broad array of products target anyone from professional installers to everyday households.
Our desire to serve our customers manifests with the inclusion of multiple time-saving tools such as:

  • Wall Drilling Templates
  • Integrated Bubble Levels
  • Pre-assembled Products
  • Pre-packaged Hardware
  • and much more...

It is safe to expect only the best from QualGear as we continue to evolve and exceed our customers' expectations with our products.

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