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ELAC Vertex Series (IW-V62-W) 2 6.5″ In Wall Speaker, Each-$349*

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The ELAC IW-V62-W is high quality full range speaker designed for a great in-wall stereo setup or Left, Right Center for a surround sound system. Featuring a paintable, white grill.

These speakers are sold as EA.

Custom Cloth-Dome tweeter​

Custom cloth dome tweeters have been developed for low mass and smooth, extended high frequency response. Dispersion characteristics are enhanced with a unique grill design.

Custom-designed woofer with Aluminum Cone

An aluminum cone is employed due to its rigid, light weight characteristics. This results in dynamic, accurate frequency response.

Intricate Crossover

Audio-grade crossover components are utilized in the sophisticated crossover design, thus delivering even smoother transitions between the drivers.

Slim Profile

A slim profile paintable magnetic grill allows for the speaker to virtually disappear in the room.



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